Introducing Black Rock Grill

We can now present your meal cooking on  volcanic rocks at your table !You can then enjoy your meal freshly prepared and cooked to your personal taste, just the way you like it.The hot cooking stones are volcanic rock sourced specially from Africa.  A 21st century dining experience from a concept over two thousand years old.
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Cook your own meat!

“Black Rock Grill”. Lava rocks forged in the molten heart of volcanoes are super heated and presented to you with your choice of meat.You then cook the meat to your own liking at the table!! We suggest cutting off slices and letting them cook
individually to speed up cooking time!There are many benefits to cooking on the stone; it’s fun, interactive and cooks every mouthful exactly as you like, with the last bite as hot and delicious as the first.It is also an extremely healthy way of cooking with no additional oils or fats added to our meats.

Top quality meat

Hot Stone Cooking is first referenced in Egyptian times, with people using the extended, but lower, heating time of stone for items that couldn’t be cooked directly in the fire.Skip forward five thousand years or so and the concept has undergone something of a renaissance with the Barbacoa offering top quality carefully aged meats from our butchers on stones at super heated temperature to seal and sear the meat.